It’s time for women to take up more space in the world!

This is an overriding theme in my blog contributions to the PEBBLE + ROSE blog. I am a 49 year-old woman, a mother to two boys and a girl, married for almost 20 years with a voracious appetite for life and curiosity for what makes people tick. I’m exploring what “middle-aged” looks like for me and how it’s often perceived by others. Women have experienced so much change by their mid-life; marriages may have ended or stalled, dreams may have given way to domestic drudgery, aching compromise, or simply been buried and forgotten.

Life is change and I explore how to make that change as rich and compelling as possible so that life, at whatever age, in whatever circumstance, can be joyous, fulfilling, and rich in achievement. I believe in the possibility of now and I am on a journey to make my life as meaningful as possible. I am keenly aware of my mortality and am no longer prepared to live a life of happiness postponed. Several years ago I had a health scare and, from the moment I got on the other side of that experience, I committed to making every moment matter. I’m awake in my life and am no longer content to let the days and weeks drift by. There are no extra people in this world. It’s time to live a bigger, more fulfilling life. Are you in?