Why October is the New January - 5 Ways to Jump Start Change!

Why is it that people often put off taking positive steps to improve their lives to some arbitrary date in January? After the typical seasonal excesses of The Holidays it’s probably the worse time to make commitments and plans for enduring change. No wonder so few New Year’s Resolutions actually stick! So, if you want to get organized this October and set yourself up for success, why not take a look at my 5 Step Guide to Jump Start Change in your life? Stop drifting and start planning! I’ll show you the path to building a purposeful life. You’ll construct a clear view of the future you want that will be so compelling you’ll feel an irresistible force pulling you towards it.

Get ahead of the crowd and start now! Read my post here

Make Mindfulness Your New Superpower - 3 Steps To Finding Your Calm in a Chaotic World

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In a world of smartphones and digital news feeds it’s becoming increasingly difficult to switch off and take time for ourselves. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s self preservation and it’s absolutely essential. In this post I explore the power and incredible benefits of incorporating a mindfulness practice in your life. You can read it Here - and there’s a free audio download to get you started too!