How To Avoid The Line On Mount Everest And Other Bullshit Goals!

You saw it right? It’s been one of the deadliest climbing season ever on Everest, with 11 dead, so far! The last time 11 people died on Everest it was because of an avalanche. Not so this time. This time it’s because of overcrowding, poor regulations and management, and inexperienced climbers desperate for a selfie atop the highest mountain in the world.

As soon as I saw the photos and read the New York Times article, and others, I was struck by the spectacle of it all and I wondered…

How many of the people on that mountain would be there if they couldn’t take a picture and they couldn’t tell anyone that they’d been there?

You can check out just how crazy the line is in this USA Today video

I suspect the summit would be a lot more accessible then. Here’s the thing, if you don’t put the thought, time, and energy into deciding what it is that you really want to do, you’ll end up chasing other people’s goals and falling for spectacle. That’s exactly what that line on Mount Everest is all about. It’s a spectacle and people are literally dying for it because they didn’t bother to do the work of examining what it is that they really want.

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So many of us have been seduced by social media. I’ll admit I too have taken a bloody photograph of my meal in a restaurant and posted it online as if anyone gives a f*ck what I’m having for dinner! Before social media I remember on a family trip to Paris (not a regular thing for me growing up) I insisted on having a photograph taken of me in front of every major landmark for posterity. It was a pre-selfie era but I was in that energy lol! It seemed more important to be able to show other people that I’d been there than to actually BE there.

It’s funny isn’t it? Social media has sort of allowed the average person to play a minor “fame game” of self promotion and aggrandizement while people who are actually famous are typically skirting around trying not to be seen as they move about, experience the world, and live their lives hoping not to attract too much attention.

So, do you know what you want? Are you in your own equivalent of the line on Mount Everest, waiting to claim victory for achieving something that will impress other people but, absent the impressed gasps and applause of others, you’re really not that psyched about? Time for a little life audit perhaps?

Why not check out my post How To Crush Your Goals With Ease Every Time It will help you get clear on what you really want, set meaningful goals (that are actually yours), and energetically charge them to make them magnetic. There’s even a free planner to download to help you with the process!

It’s never too late to wake up, take a good look at what we’re up to, and begin a process of honest self-inquiry. It’s very easy to get caught up with the business and responsibilities of life, so much so that we don’t leave space to consider what we really want out of this potentially glorious journey.

I believe that it’s the work we’d do for no money, the goals that we’d strive for without any need to broadcast their attainment, and the experiences we crave absent the ability to record them, that point us toward the true treasure of our lives.
— Eimear Zone

The goal can only truly be yours when you know in your heart of hearts that it’s not for broadcast, for the admiration of others, and it’s not to impress the invisible, imaginary, jury. Those goals are bullshit goals and some people waste years or lifetimes in their pursuit. We all need to live our lives for ourselves because if we don’t, we’re surrendering what makes us unique and powerful and we’re living shadow lives.

This morning, and every morning, the sun rises and shines for you and the Universe awaits your awesome magic. You’ll never discover and get to play in your magic if you’re lost in the shadows of someone else’s vision of a life. Let them climb their Mount Everest and you find and climb yours but for f*ck’s sake don’t end up dying in line on someone else’s mountain! You’re better than that - infinitely better than that!


P.S. If Everest really is your mountain, then by all means train for it and conquer it. You could also get creative and consider the 29029 challenge - climb the same elevation, 29029 feet (Everest!), but find your tribe and do it somewhere a little closer to home!

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