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Why does it sometimes feel more comfortable to judge and separate ourselves from others rather than to encourage our fellow women, to be their cheerleader, to form compassionate, open-hearted connection?

Maybe, just maybe, if we learned to own and celebrate our own value, worth, and potential, we would learn to see, celebrate, and elevate it in our fellow women too.

I think we all might absolutely love that world and only we can create it.
— Eimear Zone
Growing up, it seemed to me that girls just weren’t supposed to take up much space in the world. The thing is that doesn’t work for me - not at all!
— Eimear Zone

Praise for The Little Book of Good Enough

The reviews are coming in for The Little Book of Good Enough and here’s just a small sample. If you enjoyed the book I’d love to read your review on Amazon too. I always read the reviews myself before I buy any book and I’ve always found them to be a good guide!

Fantastic Book - Short and to the point, Really helpful! I read this book in one go, it has everything one needs to initiate a positive change in their lives. It helps you identify negative thoughts and overcome them. I look forward to more material from this author.
— Ava

Short and sweet self-worth advice! Loved it! Short and sweet, no nonsense advice and guidelines :) Like chatting with a really wise friend over coffee and getting valuable life advice. I plan on sharing the truth bomb nuggets with my friends for sure!
— Loyal Amazon Customer

Fun book of self-mending:) A sweet book that will help you navigate your inner fears, so that by naming them you’ll be able to face and conquer them. Quite an achievement. So helpful. Highly recommend it. This will be my Xmas present for some of my lucky friends. Everyone needs a guiding hand at one point or another. There, you’ve found it. Congratulations!!
— Amazon Customer

Sharing this with my girlfriends! I was hooked by one of the opening lines, “It isn’t enough to open Pinterest and dive into a sea of positive thinking quotes”...yes, I do that! Many of us do! But not anymore...this lovely gem of a book is written with just the right balance of humour and instructions to make me smile while it makes me challenge my inner voice! We are good enough ladies! I finished this book last week, and am starting it again (this time pushing myself out of y comfort zone and doing ALL the exercises).
— Holly H